[YEAR-END] Worst Albums Of 2015

Despite commercial success for many of these albums, the overall presentation made them some of the worst releases of all-time (see 2014 list here).

10. Chris Brown and Tyga – Fan Of A Fan: The Album
Released: February 20, 2015
Sales To Date: 142,000

wa10After releasing a moderately successful mixtape with the same name, you’d think that Chris Brown and Tyga would be onto something with their first official project as a duo. But with songs like “Bitches N Marijuana” and “Nothin Like Me”, the album falls short as a pretentious attempt to merge fanbases.

9. Jason Derulo – Everything Is 4
Released: June 2, 2015
Sales To Date: 81,000

wa9Four albums later, Jason Derulo has yet to match the success of his massive 2010 hit “Whatcha Say”. ‘Everything Is 4’ finds Derulo working with new producers that somewhat help in evolving his craft, but no one’s taking an album seriously that features both K. Michelle and Meghan Trainor.

8. Estelle – True Romance
Released: February 17, 2015
Sales To Date: 12,000

wa8The first single from Estelle’s fourth album was named “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” and was too raunchy for the British singer/rapper to bring common ground to this project. While she’s applauded for diversifying her producers used on the album, the subject matter falls flat on all fronts.

7. Mumford and Sons – Wilder Mind
Released: May 4, 2015
Sales To Date: 594,000

wa7Fresh off the heels of numerous Grammy nominations from their last album, Mumford and Sons try to recreate their sound by traveling to the world of pop. While the sales were quite respectable (and heralded by their overall buzz), the change in format for the band’s latest project came across as an epic (sellout) fail.

6. Tyga – The Gold Album: The 18th Dynasty
Released: June 23, 2015
Sales To Date: 22,000

wa6Even with Kanye West as executive producer for Tyga’s fourth album, ‘The Gold Album: The 18th Dynasty’ simply failed to live up to its name. The (proven-to-be-fake) transgender scandal surrounding Tyga in 2015 also hindered his sales, and made him more of a laughing stock than a respectable rapper.

5. Nate Ruess – Grand Romantic
Released: June 16, 2015
Sales To Date: 89,000

wa5Nate Ruess made historical anthems with his band fun., but sadly his music wasn’t the same. Without his hand, the only thing you can focus on is Nate, which isn’t much given that his #funsound is beginning to become quite annoying.

4. Puff Daddy And The Family – MMM
Released: November 4, 2015
Sales To Date: N/A (free project)

wa4Puff Daddy’s last respectable project was with Diddy-Dirty Money, which soared to the top of music charts throughout 2009-10. Five years later, he’s trying to go solo – which for him means payola features of as many rappers as he can afford.

3. Kid Ink – Full Speed
Released: January 30, 2015
Sales To Date: 44,000

wa3Kid Ink has released an album every year since 2012, and I couldn’t name any song that was even mildly successful. ‘Full Speed’ follows the same patters, only attempting to grasp mainstreamers with a horribly written first single (“Body Language”) featuring Usher and Tinashe.

2. K. Michelle – Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?
Released: December 9, 2014
Sales To Date: 102,000

wa2Sadly, K. Michelle isn’t relevant for her voice. Instead, her antics on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ have given her a platform which isn’t quite working for her longevity. ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?’ is like a poorly crafted soundtrack to the show, featuring straining vocal dramatics and one-liners that made me frown upon R&B music.

1. Meghan Trainor – Title
Released: January 9, 2015
Sales To Date: 950,000

wa1There’s no denying that Meghan Trainor can sing, but the material she’s presented to the world on ‘Title’ is nothing short of laughable. Singles like “Dear Future Husband” and “All About That Bass” are so cringeworthy that you’ll want to throw your radio out forever.

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