[YEAR-END] Worst Albums Of 2016

Despite commercial success in some instances, these ten albums proved to be amongst the worst releases of the year (see 2015 list here).

10. Chris Brown – Royalty
Released: December 18, 2015
Sales To Date: 385,000

wa10Chris Brown’s seventh studio album finds his discography continuing to decline in quality. All four of the album’s singles failed to chart significantly, but no one was surprised with the amount of horrible visuals throughout this era.

9. K. Michelle – More Issues Than Vogue
Released: March 25, 2016
Sales To Date: 102,000

wa9Most of K. Michelle’s work has ended up on TUA’s worst of the year lists – mainly due to overall vocal performance. But her work with T-Pain on her third album ‘Vogue’ left me wondering why she still has a recording contract.

8. Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit
Released: November 11, 2016
Sales To Date: 3,500

wa8Sleigh Bells used to be known as the “kings and queen of noise pop”, but ‘Jessica Rabbit’ seems like pop has left the building. Songs like “Rule Number One” and “Loyal For” are decent for Sleigh Bells, but not enough to compete with other rock bands in 2016.

7. Paloma Ford – Nearly Civilized
Released: October 6, 2016
Sales To Date: 1,200

wa7Starting off as a Youtube rapper, Paloma Ford’s debut album is a mix of R&B and hip-hop to tragic results. The lyrics to the album’s only single “W.E.T” are so cringeworthy that you’ll wish you never even listened to it.

6. Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind
Released: January 29, 2016
Sales To Date: 402,000

wa6Just because an artist is heavily played on mainstream radio doesn’t mean that they’re automatically a good artist. Charlie Puth’s debut album was proceeded by two hit singles in 2015, but the full-length release didn’t quite live up to expectations.

5. Desiigner – New English
Released: June 26, 2016
Sales To Date: 16,000

wa5Released a year ago today, the success of Desiigner’s “Panda” made the Brooklyn rapper a household name during the first half of 2016. Unfortunately, the release of ‘New English’ made him a forgettable rapper by the end of the same year.

4. Lil’ Yachty – Lil’ Boat
Released: March 9, 2016
Sales To Date: 17,500

wa4Atlanta native Lil’ Yachty’s album wasn’t bad throughout for its production, it’s the voice and lyrics that ruins most of this project. Pairing bad vocals with an underwhelming delivery tone is a recipe for disaster.

3. Gwen Stefani – This Is What The Truth Feels Like
Released: March 18, 2016
Sales To Date: 106,000

wa3The comeback project from No Doubt vocalist Gwen Stefani was a total snoozefest. Although the songs were exceptionally written, the downtempo theme hovering over the entire project made for the most boring listen of 2016.

2. Wiz Khalifa – Khalifa
Released: February 5, 2016
Sales To Date: 88,000

wa2Wiz Khalifa has released an impressive six albums over his ten-year music career, but his latest is a huge, mellow dent in an otherwise upbeat catalog. I think ‘Khalifa’ is meant to be treated as a self-titled offering, which means Wiz doesn’t really have a lot to say about himself.

1. Meghan Trainor – Thank You
Released: May 6, 2016
Sales To Date: 289,000

wa1Another frequent staple to TUA’s worst albums list, it’s baffling to me how Meghan Trainor’s second album is worse than her debut.

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