[YEAR-END] Top 50 Albums Of 2015 (#2) x Shamir x ‘Ratchet’


North Las Vegas native Shamir’s debut album ‘Ratchet’ was widely heralded as a new wave of pop music in 2015. The androgynous singer-songwriter crafted a perfect set of disco jams from a soul perspective. First single “On The Regular” became a household entity in its own, and the numerous endorsements followed behind the catchy record. Shamir released four indie-esque videos to support his debut album, giving the best work on ‘Ratchet’ ample time to become 2015 favorites. The singer ended the year by being named the ‘Musician Of The Year’ by Out Magazine, proving that his stay within the realms of pop music has only just begun.

Best Selling Single: “On The Regular”

Take A Chance On: “Demon”

Should Be Next Single: “Youth”

My Favorite: “Hot Mess”

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