[SONG] Grimes x ‘California’


Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes may not be a household name, but she’s making waves in the realm of indie pop with her fourth album ‘Art Angels’. The disc, which gave Grimes her largest first-week sales to date, has been widely viewed as much more accessible than her previous works. On album standout “California”, Grimes explores her synthpop-meets-R&B side by exploring a sound I’d never expect from her. It’s already quite surprising that “California” samples Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay”, but it’s even more shocking that Grimes uses the song to also take a jab a Pitchfork – a website that has greatly praised her entire discography in full. Sampling from a mainstream artist and indirectly addressing music critics are not typical actions from Grimes, but it must be the theme of experimentation that has widely circulated around her latest project. Either way, “California” is a strong songwriting moment for Grimes as she showcases her ability to be playful while also being slightly cynical at the same time. Listen and download Grimes’ “California” below.

Download HERE.

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