[SONG] Sia (feat. Sean Paul) x ‘Cheap Thrills’

On her seventh album, Australian vocal powerhouse Sia unleashes the gems that she intended to give to other artists. Albeit disjointed, ‘This Is Acting’ features some of Sia’s best works that weren’t initially written for her. Originally written for Rihanna, the album’s second official single “Cheap Thrills” finds Sia adding some Caribbean flavor to her discography. “I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight / I love cheap thrills” sings Sia over the Greg Kurstin-produced track. The overall subject matter – learning to have fun without any external factors – directly contrasts with Rihanna’s hazy (no pun intended) theme on ‘Anti’, which likely explains why the song was rejected for her ninth album. And while Sean Paul’s feature on “Thrills” is equal parts predictable and refreshing, the vibe doesn’t work with what Rihanna wanted to embody in the state of today’s pop music. It works amazingly well for Sia, however, and showcases her ability to craft pop gems for some of the most recognizable female artists around. Listen and download Sia and Sean Paul’s “Cheap Thrills” below.

Download HERE.

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