[SONG + VIDEO] Miike Snow x ‘Genghis Khan’

Swedish indie trio Miike Snow have been teasing their upcoming third album ‘iii’ for several months and it appears that the wait is finally over. “Genghis Khan” serves as the second official single from ‘iii’ and shows quite a bit of progression from the band’s 2012 release ‘Happy To You’. The band is most notably known for writing and producing Britney Spears’ Grammy-winning hit “Toxic”, but they’ve released numerous quality solo offerings ever since collaborating with the pop star. “Genghis Khan” departs from the band’s earlier material to more pop-friendly material. The video treatment for “Khan” is one huge tribute to James Bond’s ‘Goldfinger’ with some pretty badass dance routines thrown into the mix for extra flair. Watch and listen to Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan” below.

Stream via Apple Music.

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