[SONG + VIDEO] Abra x ‘Fruit’

abra_fruitAbra, also known as the Princess of Awful Records, has been slowly rising to superstardom since her first mixtape in 2015. The Atlanta native released her first full-length project ‘Rose’ to critical acclaim later in the same year. The beginning of 2016 marked the release of album standout “Fruit” as an official single from the singer. “Fruit”, written and self-produced by Abra, features a catchy beat over late 90s synths as she sings “come chase the night with me / they say I’m bad, you say it back”. The “Fruit” music video slows down the tempo even further as she walks around a seemingly luxurious condominium while encapsulating Aaliyah vibes and Janet Jackson vocals – how that’s possible is what makes Abra so great. The minimalist nature of Abra’s music truly embodies the “dark wave duchess” moniker she’s been riding with since her debut in the indie music industry. Watch and stream Abra’s “Fruit” below.

Stream via Apple Music.

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