[VIDEO] ‘The Simpsons’ Tributes Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’

simpsons_sftbFOX’s ‘The Simpsons’ is showing no signs of slowing down, as the show has recently been renewed for two more seasons. Now that the show has become the longest running animated series in television history, the writers are finding more and more ways to keep up with current trends in popular culture. Enter Drake, whose iconic #1 single “Started From The Bottom” is used for the 27th season episode entitled ‘Gal Of Constant Sorrow’. Bart Simpson receives a rent payment of $1.00 per day from his new tenant, portrayed by Kate McKinnon. Feeling richer than ever, Bart and his friends go shopping at the $0.98 store to the tune of Drake’s hit single. Watch the Simpsons’ ‘Gal Of Constant Sorrow’ Drake clip below.

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