[YEAR-END] Best Movies Of 2016

As a new category added to TUA’s year-end list, these films really stood out during the 2016 year of film amongst a sea of bad remakes and poorly done comedies.

10. The Neon Demon
bm10A slow-burning psych horror film about the perils of the modeling world.

9. Weiner
bm9A thrilling ride inside a Democratic politician’s re-campaign trail after a series of leaked thirst traps.

8. King Cobra
bm8A haunting true story based on a gay escort’s ascension into pornography.

7. Captain America: Civil War
bm7The story of superheroes battling against each other after a heated ethics debate.

6. Goat
bm6An introspective view into the world of fraternity hazing.

5. Moonlight
bm5A coming-of-age film that sheds much needed light on black identity and sexuality.

4. Southside With You
bm4The John Legend-directed film about how Barack and Michelle Obama fell in love.

3. Deadpool
bm3A look at how the world’s most crass superhero was created.

2. The Hateful Eight
bm2The eerie connection between eight complete strangers in a remote cabin during winter’s peak.

1. Kubo And The Two Strings
bm1The story of a disabled child’s rise to magical prowess in Japan.

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