[NEWS] Azealia Banks Announces EP, Mixtape, and Album before October

It’s been a great week for the current #queenofrap Azealia Banks as news has been confirmed of three major releases from her…all before October. Fans of Miss B-A-N-K-S will be soo receiving an EP, a mixtape, and an official album. News of each release deserves separate analysis in preparation for her future rap takeover:

1) ‘1991’ EP: Previously set to be released on April 17, AB pushed the EP release date back, partly to commemorate with her change in management. The release will feature her “introductory” hits “212”, “Liquorice”, and possibly “Grand Scam”, along with new songs “1991” and “Fuck Up The Fun”. With the exception of the title song, the other four could become immediate radio hits if pushed as individual singles (a la Lana Del Rey’s pre-album ‘Video Games’ EP).

2) ‘FANTASTIC’ Mixtape: Set to be released “sometime after June”, the official mixtape will seek to set up listeners for her debut album (a la Nicki Minaj’s pre-album “It’s Barbie Bitch” mixtape). To be successful here (and especially for the female rapper), the key is in lyrics and wordplay. People may skip through an album, but they definitely listen to mixtapes, as they could be seen as a non-label promoted project. Everything’s fair game within reason, from unauthorized samples, messy name dropping, and freestyling over Hot 100 beats. First single “Jumanji” sets the hardcore tone, as she spits fire over an addictive beat, preparing fans for the official female rap takeover.

3) ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ Album: After a successful EP and an upcoming mixtape, it’s now time to set up the first full-length studio release. How can Azealia Banks sell records to the mainstream? How will her music appeal to fans of other female rappers, and even further, what distinguishes her from other artists? Luckily for AB and her team, the release set-up and Twitter marketing alone has prepared her for a successful album. Twitter users are more known to actually purchase music digitally especially with Itunes/Amazon Media Store purchases becoming more accessible, so expect every Banks follower to purchase at least one copy of her album.

Bloggers and Tweeters alike are dedicated, and fight for their artists. I’ve been watching Azealia’s rise to fame for several weeks now, and there’s no stopping her come debut album time. Check out the official announcement on Twitter below:

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