[FASHION] Little Black Book – Lana Del Rey

If you could go with me for a second on this one, think 70’s meets #banji mixed with freakishly fabulous and you are certain to find Lana Del Rey in the batter…or the mix for those of you who are just waking up. After closing myself off in a room with just my headphones and laptop and really getting into Rey, I must say that combining her obvious allure of the Cali 60’s- 70’s mixed with the jazzy electronica blues blend causes one to fall deeply for this hip hop fashion hybrid. It appears that the designers as well as the songstress are both widely inspired by art, fashion, and culture. Lana plays with the quirkiness of various eras of music, fashion, and artistry, and now her style has become international fame. Below are various looks of Lana mixing vintage, the 80’s and 90’s, with the urban charm of 2012.

We should all get used to this look as the loose bohemian dreamy style skirts and dresses have been present since late 2011 and will surely make appearances throughout summer 2012. Forever 21 is responsible for this flowy masterpiece of comfort, and is also a fashion collaboration with the low-cost company. This skirt is wonderful for beautiful summer days and slinky summer nights.

This is a fabulous #lanadelday look and is very representative of her NYC-bred lifestyle. This look is not an oddity in the grungy city streets but its many interpretations are still appreciated. Designer Monki’s blouse seems almost inappropriate with this look but considering the tolerance for complex combinations of prints, fabrics, eras, place, and time, it gets an A from me.

I can appreciate the craftsmanship of the garment with slight criticism. The bottoms are beautifully made by Kostas Murkudis who combined the Greek inspired draping shown and the immaculately tailored pant. From a fashion lover’s standpoint, I would have appreciated it more from either a standing viewpoint or a different color combination. But Rey’s extreme elegance earns her another pass.

This amazing jumpsuit allows one to see the personality hiding deep down in Lana Del Rey. Her beautiful smile mixed with the fabulously colorful Prada print makes me smile at her immaculate styling. It’s also reminiscent of current floral motif, pleated draping, and large bow fashion trends. 

Rey takes the meaning of basic-tees to an entirely new level once combined with the very feminine Chanel skirt. I absolutely adore socks and heels when done properly (see above). Because everything else is so simple, this look screams chic. I also appreciate the 60’s eye makeup, making this outfit a conundrum of vintage school girl meets geek glam. Simplicity at its finest!

Though All-American in appearance, combine Lana’s love of 90’s acrylic nails and a fabulous bag by Mulberry and you’ll have magic. This is also the bag that was aptly named after her by the successful purse company in 2011.

What else can you say about perfection? I would sell the skin off the bottom of my feet for this beautiful dress by Antonio Beradi. The dress is fresh, and relevant to common trends seen in the current high fashion climate, especially with the front asymmetrical cut outs. The white gives a pure canvas for the elegant design nature of Beradi’s pieces.

Replicas of this style can be seen on the streets of LA and NY as the flowers and 80’s volume of the dress is prevalent in 2012. The dress by Valentino is youthful and trendy, reaching above mid-thigh for the vertically blessed. In fact, had Lana combined the dress with the rockbillie/pin up hairstyles of the 40’s, it would have been a more impressive ensemble.

Now most of us ladies love comfort, and I think I speak for the greater majority of us when I say that it doesn’t get more comfortable then the ever evolving maxi dress. These dresses are even more fantastical because they’re multi-purpose and can be worn for any occasion. This particular style designed by Simon Emmett for S. Moda is simply gorgeous on Lana and can easily go from day to night given the right accessories.

Although I’ve never been a #coachgirl myself, I must show respect to great materials and excellent workmanship of this accessory. The look overall is rather toned down, and could be worn to run errands or even a casual lunch in the city with friends. This fabulous bag by Coach is known as the Bleecker Legacy Leather Weekend Tote and encompasses the on-the-go lifestyle that stars like Rey are accustomed to.

If Lana Del Rey continues on her current path she could very easily become a style icon. Her teases with glimpses at her personality with her quirky fashion sense and versatile looks are always divine. Outside of the 90’s acrylic nails, I think that Rey could lead us into the #fashionistafuture with an eclectic blend of eras long passed to the current trends of urban youth today.

One thought on “[FASHION] Little Black Book – Lana Del Rey

  1. I think her style is definitely in the forefront of the latest trends. I think this article was very well written and organized! Great job!

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