[SONG] Rye Rye x “Hotter”

 Ever since I came across her debut mixtape ‘RYEot powrr’, Rye Rye brings the #grungebeauty just like her mentor counterpart M.I.A. as the first artist from her N.E.E.T. imprint. Think Baltimore-club heavy beats with sassy female confident rap bars with a pinch of high fashion and Ryeisha’s true form comes to life. Her debut album ‘Go! Pop! Bang!’, though, was recently released to mixed reviews, and made little impact on the charts, despite five M.I.A. features (among Tyga, Pharrell, and Robyn). “Hotter”, one of the better potential singles off Rye’s debut, is a hard, club ready song featuring her Bmore charm over a reggae/New Orleans bounce Bangladesh beat. The production stands separately on its own here, as Rye’s PG-13, playful lyrics somewhat reel you in. Could she be Azealia Banks or Nicki Minaj’s competition in the female rap world? Download below.

Everything you think it’s new boo, I done did that
Hair, nails, outfit, please say you did that?
Everybody love me, but it ain’t about my thuggy
Wanna squeeze and wanna thug me, wanna wear me like a Snuggie

Download HERE.

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