[SONG + VIDEO] Diplo x Nicky da B x Express Yourself

Hip-hop super producer Diplo is on a new movement to revamp the entire New Orleans #bounce movement with his latest project ‘Express Yourself’. The EP’s first single of the same name features NoLa bounce pioneer Nicky da B on vocals over a sickening Diplo dancehall-meets-Dirty South riddim. The song also stands as the lead single from Diplo’s long-awaited follow up to ‘Florida’, his 2004 debut album. From the hard beat and lyrics, “Express Yourself” is one of the truest forms of dance expression, as Nicky instructs listeners to “spread your legs now arch your back go up and down and make it clap” over Diplo’s Dirty South interpolation. The video further explores Diplo’s fascination with New Orleans music, particularly from the authentic Diplo-meets-Dirty South backdrop (0:18), the Southern girls “expressing” themselves (0:23), as well as Nicky’s own #wallbounce interpretation (1:24). I wasn’t expecting the guys to participate in the “New Orleans” bounce movement during the actual video, but it’s good to see that Nicky da B’s chanting can make a difference for everyone – males and females alike. Watch and download below:

Download HERE.

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