[VIDEO] Katy Perry x Wide Awake (Lyric Version)

Katy Perry’s latest lyric video has somewhat reignited my interest in one of my least favorite websites around (Facebook) as her “Wide Awake” lyric video is themed after the site’s new ‘Timeline’ layout. The R&B-ish  single from Perry features lyrics about determiniation, growth, and coming from the bottom the top. Katy’s lyric videos are always creatively done and in a manner that the viewer would actually take something from her songwriting, and it’s good that she produces and releases them herself, just in case her naysayers have any questions. The “Wide Awake” lyrics are strategically placed within Katy’s own Facebook timeline, chronicling her ‘Teenage Dream’ era through video, pictures, and poignant lyrics. Watch Katy’s official “Wide Awake” lyric video below.

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