[VIDEO] Weeds Season 8 x “Writer’s Room” Trailer

The latest Weeds season 8 trailer features three separate intrusions into the show’s writers room – all with varying, but somehow still comical results. In an effort to set up possible scenarios for its upcoming season, a pizza delivery guy, a janitor, and a #banji secretary each peruse the room for answers to the season seven cliffhanger. Lupita stands at the premise of the pizza delivery guy’s theories, as he takes pictures of the script for Twitter. The janitor smokes the writers’ stash and jokingly picks Dean Hodes as the shooter. And in true fashion, the #banji secretary changes the script to include herself – how #selfish. While no new footage is introduced on the eighth season, it’s good that Showtime is keeping details to a minimum. The element of surprise will finally be revealed during the Season 8 premiere on July 1. Watch the Writer’s Room clip below.

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