[FASHION] Little Black Book x Theophilus London

On a leisurely stroll through Williamsburg or Fort Greene, Brooklyn, you might see the funky cool hipsters as well as the occasional poser. Newcomer Theophilus London is for all intents and purposes the guy that encompasses all aspects of Brooklyn with his defining style. With his eclectic lyrical sounds giving you a dab of 70’s funk splashed with hip rock, there’s no wonder this freshman is quickly being inducted into the #coolkidscrew. The Junior Cool Kid swags out in typical hipster fashion with looks that appear effortlessly edgy and exciting, with a slight tint of what I like to refer to as #freshgrunge.

There is nothing better than a dude in a great fitting suit. It screams sex appeal, confidence, and style. Junior Cool Kid does just this with his #hipsternewkiddo ensemble by combining his Cole Haan suit with a trendy snapback cap and bright loafers. This look screams I’m a confident man who can pull off a fitted suit with flair that will make other men wish they had the guts to try it.

Here we see Theophilus in a leather based ensemble that combines rock and hip hop genres. By combining the leather pants, grey hoodie with leather pockets, and mod style leather jacket, Mr. London has encompassed the epitome of a rocker as well as an urban Brooklyn-bred hip hop head. The Nike kicks take this look to the futuristic fusion of fashion and sound.

Though this look is not a wow-inspiring throw together, it does boast extreme confidence. Sometimes the simplest things are often what we want most in fashion, and Theophilus pulls this look well with his own vintage blazer, basic black polos, and fitted trousers.

Junior Cool Kid won me over simply with this divine photo with one of the most unappreciated artists Solange Knowles. I must say that both looks here are very SoHo in nature, and Theo’s outfit is intriguing and cleverly put together. The denim chemise seen here combined with the candy apple denim bottoms is lively and youthful, especially with the Obey snap back. I must say that my vote goes to the ever present (in fashion history that is) penny loafer. (I really love this tribal bandu-ess concoction worn by Solo.)

#pimpinainteasy and Theo looks as if he is ready for a back alley work night on Hunts Point (legendary New York stroll). This 70’s motivated style is resplendent, is it really necessary to say more? His vintage fur coat is to die for, as it is combined with the Run-DMC -esque look, only missing his Adidas.

My eyes immediately went to the ruby velvet slippers ensconcing Prince Theo’s feet. I would really like the #memo on his self-styled LVRS cap though as you will see it several times, it makes me wonder what sentimental value it holds. The outfit is simple with a funky graphic tee riding the current neon/pastel frenzy. But still, the belt is underwhelming to say the least, and there’s definitely an air of uncertainty with the shoelace neck piece.

Theo really pours the swag on as he combines the rocker leather once again with the increased urban interest of camouflage in the form of skin tight pants. I must say that I really enjoy the leather camo pants with the Nike Jordan 11’s, and as stated before I live for a luxurious fur, so hands down this number had me at the starting line.

This jacket is #ahhhmazing, just looking at the perfect fit and clean cut lines alone. When you look even closer, I especially appreciate the stripes to draw attention to the upper proportions so that you can give this top coat its due.

This look actually reminds me of the 60’s with the washed out turtle neck that almost appears too small, but in actuality is the perfect fit with the cigarette pant, white socks, and loafers. Though simplistic in in presentation, this look lacks no charm, and would look great with a certain favorite Yves Saint Laurent wrist piece, which is primarily constructed with black leather.

I think it’s safe to say that we all looked at this neck art before seeing anything else as it is so fetching. The neck piece is definitely the governing force here and ties everything else in nicely. Though I’m uncertain of its exact composition, I can clearly see its relevance. The denim is also catching from the carefully placed slits to the knee bandana. This look is definitely one of a kind and I can honestly say that this is one of the most creative ways I have seen the famed vintage bandana worn.

After reviewing his fashion credentials, I have a new found appreciation for Prince Cool. His style is phenomenal, especially in today’s hip hop scene as it is not the typical uniform of the average rapper. The looks definitely compliment the music as they are both cool and in the now, mixing both old and new. London’s style is inspiring and refreshing, and makes one curious about what he might possibly add to the future of the music industry, especially within the hip hop nation.

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