[NEWS] Weeds Season 8 Information

Nancy Botwin fans will be disappointed come late August, as Showtime recently announced that the long running show’s eighth season will be it’s last. While I’m sad to see the show leave television, I’m glad it’s ending simply because “Weeds” is an premiere dark comedy show that can’t go on forever like most syndicated shows. The final season will start off with addressing the season seven cliffhanger surrounding a mysterious shooting. From previous posts (1 and 2), it’s determined that possibly Nancy wasn’t shot, and that maybe one of her family members (Shane, Silas, Doug, or Andy specifically) took the bullet. Either way, the entire Botwin clan has enough  #baggage to last a lifetime and with “Weeds” writers getting more creative with each season, I’m sure the build-up to discovering the shooter will be another wild ride. Season eight will also bring back more old characters, explore the Botwin sisters’ relationship, and will show more of her raising Mexican son Stevie. Watch the official season eight teaser below.

Read more about the final season HERE. “Weeds” premiers Sunday, July 1.

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