[SONG + VIDEO] Ellie Goulding x Tinie Tempah – Hanging On

Ellie Goulding’s latest single “Hanging On” is a slow-burning, rock/pop ballad that sounds unlike anything ever released by her to date. Her vocals go dark at the song’s start and discuss her burdening need to let go of everything bringing her down. Tinie’s brash, expletive voice is like the opposite of Ellie’s message of positivity, and its duet format could rival that of Gotye’s recent indie duet “Somebody That I Used To Know”. I’ve always wanted to compare Ellie to a male vocalist and after hearing her Weeknd cover, he still remains as her male counterpart. The video (sans Tinie) also shares the song’s dark message, but features amazing close-up shots of Ellie’s beautiful British features. Either way, “Hanging On” isn’t on her debut stateside release ‘Lights’, so here’s to hoping for a second Goulding release soon. Watch and download Ellie and Tinie’s duet below.

Download HERE.

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