[REVIEW] Weeds 8.3 x See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die

Nancy returns home from the hospital and is staying with her sister Jill, who mistakenly bought her cat socks as a homecoming gift. The first thing she discovers about her new home is that Andy is not only dating Jill, but also coaching the twins (Shayla and Taylor) at roller derby. Shane has left Nancy a card that reads “Mom, Found Him. Soon all will be settled. Don’t be mad” leading Nancy to believe he’s going to kill the shooter. While playing with a fly swatter, an angrier-than-usual Stevie almost puts Nancy back in the hospital.

Doug and Wood get fired by the SEC because of faulty accounting. Wood is hesitant to accept being terminated, while Doug signs his severance papers quickly, and advises Wood to leave the building as soon as possible. When they arrive at a small, abandoned office, Doug reveals that he used the company’s money to fund an off-books nonprofit charity for the last three years. At the twins’ roller derby game, a passive Andy calls for the girls to practice fair play, while their real father Scott demands bloodshed for anyone that gets in their way. Andy gets ridiculed for benching Taylor for being too rough, causing them both to grow immediate hatred towards him. The team eventually loses and become even more upset with Andy, leaving with Scott while Andy cuddles with Jill. She praises Andy’s handling of the #difficulttwins but realizes both of them have anger management issues. As a gift, Andy gives Shayla (the good twin) a DVD thinking it’s Taylor (the bad twin), but realizes both of them have gone dark. They work together to burn Andy’s shoes and DVD, while Jill suggests continuing to get along by buying their love at Claire’s. And cuts off Taylor’s red locks while she’s sleeping, causing Scott to attack him. Scott reveals he secretly hates the twins and leaves abruptly.

Nancy enlists Silas to hack into Shane’s computer, which reveals he’s been watching over someone the last few days. When Nancy reveals that Shane is going after the #shooter, Silas reveals to Nancy that the shooter is Tim Scottson, and that Shane’s NYPD training should be enough to take him out. They both admit that they guessed Guillermo as the shooter on the way to Tim’s apartment but never Tim Scottson. The duo arrive at Tim’s and meet his former homeless, rape survivor girlfriend Tula (who reveals her penchant for Albino guys). Tula disregards Tim’s odd behavior – which includes collecting dead rabbits named after his father and the overt display of his father’s fallen flag as the centerpiece of the apartment – which sends Nancy to the couch extremely dizzy and confused. Tula reveals that a “friend of Tim’s” came by earlier and that she let the #friend borrow Tim’s gun for a hunting trip. Afterwards, Silas tells Tula the truth about Tim shooting Nancy, which leads to her punching a wall repeatedly before leaving for good.

At Tim’s job, Nancy and Silas intimidate Tim while he’s being trained. After an unsuccessful lesson, they kidnap him and are looking for the gun Tula gave shane. Nancy is worried Shane will kill Tula, and Silas is freaked out with Tim’s extreme social awkwardness. Nancy tries to comfort Tim, but he’s too aggressive for her fragile physical condition. She uses her cane to threaten him out of New York immediately. Back at his apartment, Silas knocks over the twelve shoeboxes containing the #peterrabbits, just as Shane arrives with the NYPD to arrest Tim. Nancy tries to bail him out and refuses to press charges, with Ouelette asserting Shane is only trying to impress his mother.

While I’m still uncertain with Shane’s true police academy motives, it’s good to see he’s at least handling business the right way. Shane had every opportunity to #pilarzuazo Tim, but he chose to arrest him on his own? New Botwins indeed, at least except for Jill.

“I think the bullet’s moving – your mother’s losing it.” (Jill)

“Am I on food stamps?” (Wood)

“Okay, everybody needs to stop keeping things from me that I need to know – I am not a cantelope.” (Nancy)

“That IS weird. Tim’s gun. Tim’s gun. Project Runway.” (Tula)

“I have eight toes – footwear is very selective for me.” (Andy)

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