[VIDEO] Azealia Banks x Liquorice (Alternate Version)

Since its online inception, the original version of Azealia Banks’s single “Liquorice” remained a mystery. Shot entirely in Paris, the unreleased video features looks from Alexander Wang and Miu Miu respective Fall 2012 runway shows, giving Azealia a couture-ish look as she struts through France’s favorite city. Azealia keeps the equestrian theme golden as she’s surrounded by some really badass horses, who eventually make her drop down low (0:31). Her natural beauty shines as she dons hardly any makeup or #yungrapunxel weaves, and her ever budding sexuality shines during my favorite “betwixt that” line (1:01). The simplistic shots make Azealia appear with more stage presence than usual, but her typical banjiness (1:21) and duckwalking (1:41) reminds all viewers that Banks can pull off #harlem anyway. The only disjointed part of the clip is the song’s actual mixing which noticeably sounds like a homemade mix of the original and studio “Liquorice” versions. Still, the #recycledcowgirl image works best for Azealia in the newer visual. Check out the original “Liquorice” video below.


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