[REVIEW] True Blood 5.7 x In The Beginning

The AVL Post-Roman: Roman is indeed dead at the hands of Russell Edgington, causing Dieter to set off the UV alarms. Russell wreaks havoc in the chancellor’s quarters as Salome prays to Lilith. He eventually captures Eric and leaves him hanging on a nearby column, just before the AVL guards capture Russell again. Bill notices something about Eric’s hanging and realizes something isn’t right, but continues to suspect another accomplice and suspects vamp techie Molly. Kibwe brings Eric and Bill to Nora and Salome (and eventually Russell), who all reveal their true intentions as Sanguinista vampires. Eric lashes out on Nora for lying, and Salome reveals she followed Bill and Eric when they buried Russell. Salome asserts that she wants to share her newfound power – Eric refuses abruptly while Bill remains loyal to the mainstream slant. At the Sanguinista ceremony, Salome also initiates a forgiveness initiative for Russell’s murder of Roman, with Dieter disagreeing. Nora says that the Authority was formed to protect Lilith’s blood, and that drinking it will aid in leverage over humans and other species. Dieter speaks out about how he disagrees with Salome’s actions and Nora’s words, just as Russell unbuttons his coat to kill him. Eric doesn’t think that drinking the blood of Lilith will have an effect on vampires, but it subsequently leads them to Bourbon Street. Steve Newlin and Russell flirt through the streets, as Bill and Eric threaten a rude (but cute) cabbie. They end up at a karaoke bar where a family is celebrating their daughter’s 21st birthday, and the vampires devour all the guests. A drop of blood falls and Lilith rises, sending out a mist that makes them aggressively eat humans. Godric appears (in spirit form) begging Eric to save Nora, asserting how wrong the entire situation is.

Anti-Vampire Haters Progress: Coroner Mike Spencer is notably late to Sheriff Dan’s interrogation of Andy. Sam sniffs out the remaining shooters at the anti-vampire supply store, with Kenya questioning his heightened sense abilities. The group that finds Hoyt at near-death the previous episode includes Tyrese, Joe Bob, and Ray, all discussing their different forms of hatred for vampires. Hoyt tells them about Jessica, and agrees to work them with as they find out about Junior’s death. Andy goes to former Sheriff Dearborn’s house for police advice, but he isn’t willing to help. The hospital patient board shows “Joe Bob Jefferts” is the nurse for rooms of all gunshot victims at the hospital. Sookie brings Luna presents and learns from them about the anti-vampire shootings. Tyrese and Ron arrive at Hoyt’s and take him on their next kill, as Joe Bob gets sniffed out by Sam at the hospital.

Sookie and Jason’s fairy problem: Claudette and Claude test Sookie’s luminescence (ability to project light) and both are unable to send a light through her, causing immediate alarm. Claude says that Sookie is depleting her fairy abilities. Sookie admits that her powers have been #offthegame lately, but she somehow likes the fact that she could become human again. The next day, Sookie awakens to breakfast cooked by Jason. She questions her existence as a supernatural to Sam at the hospital, and is shocked by his answers to always keep his abilities. That evening, Sookie attempts to use all of her light in an effort to rid herself of fairy forever.

Werewolves At War: Alcide and Rikki train for the packmaster battle, with Rikki eventually overpowering him. Martha arrives and asserts that JD isn’t a vampire blood fiend. She also reveals that after her husband died, JD was the next in line to become packmaster but gave it to Marcus instead. Cub Emma arrives and Alcide asserts that JD is indeed still hooked on vampire blood. JD meets with the other members of the pack and reveals that a vampire is feeding him his blood. He also believes that a war is coming between vampire and humans (#theendofdays), and that wolves have a choice to fight with vampires or face extinction. He offers the vampire blood to the entire pack and shockingly Emma, causing Martha to get very angry with his actions.

The Ifrit Storm: Arlene watches her wedding and Merlotte’s reception on tape. Holly arrives and Arlene mentions the #smokespirit and Holly writes it off as PTSD. Holly suggests not giving up on him, and attempting to help him with his problem. While waiting near #fairyland, the ifrit appears and taunts them repeatedly, causing Terry to grab Patrick’s gun and threaten to kill himself. Patrick finally apologizes about his militant order to kill the female Muslin.

Other Plots: Lafayette arrives at Don Bartolo’s house in Mexico, finds Jesus’s actual head with stitched lips, and spits on Don before being captured. Don attempts to take back Jesus’s demon, but his wife brutally kills him and save Lafayette. Tara strips at Fangtasia as her mom Lettie Mae arrives, informing her she doesn’t want to see her daughter again. When Pam expresses Tara is doing good as a stripper, Tara takes it as a sign of affection causing Pam to pull away from her. Jessica is interrupted from #dinner by Jason, who informs her that his parents were killed by vampires. After a bloody kiss, Jason calls Jessica a “fanger” leading her to bite him angrily. Jason shoots Jessica and after they both heal from each other’s blood, Jessica’s guards escort Jason out immediately.

“In The Beginning” took viewers back down memory lane (in many instances) to prepare us for what’s to come. While Arlene’s wedding footage was extremely touching (especially the scenes with Lafayette/Jesus and Hoyt/Jessica), the ‘True Blood’ writers want us to relive that moment for a reason. Lafayette’s visit to Mexico and eventual mouth stitching scene was absolutely brutal to watch, but going back to Don was a given since his introduction last season. But the Maryann flashback to her asking Sookie “what are you” takes the prize for best trip through time, and to this day it still doesn’t feel like even Sook knows the answer. I’m looking very forward to episode eight, as it marks the directorial debut of Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton).

“I ain’t never been to med school or fairy school or nothin’, so if you could put it into terms a laid maid would understand, I’d really appreciate it.” (Jason)

“Bullshit – you can’t play the grieving widow and the leader of a coup at the same time. I see you, all you want is power.” (Bill)

“Respectfully Martha, your son don’t have a grave cuz yall ate him.” (Alcide)

“It would be pretty ironic if two men waiting to die by fire froze to death instead.” (Patrick)

“I universally disavow myself of my statements. I LOVE Lilith.” (Russell)

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