[VIDEO] Dexter Season 7 x First Two Minute Preview

eMichael C. Hall’s longstanding role as vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan may be coming to an end in 2013, but there’s much more explosive drama to come in the show’s last two seasons. It’s highly anticipated seventh season features a gamechanger for the show, as Debra now knows her brother’s secret by witnessing him murder Travis Marshall, the primary antagonist of season six. Having a Miami Police Sargeant (Debra) aware of Dexter’s #pasttimes has changed the scope and track of the show dramatically, making their already #complicated relationships much worse. Watch the first two minutes of season 7 episode 1 entitled “Are You?” below.

A very intense clip indeed highlighted with Deb saying “fuck” over ten times in the short preview. There’s no human way that Dex can get out of this one, but at least the screenwriters have two seasons to draw out the possible endgame. Watch the official Showtime teaser for season 7 below.

Teased? Read the official season seven press release here – Dexter premiers Sunday, September 30.

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