[OP-ED] Azealia Banks vs. Angel Haze, Perez Hilton, and B. Scott


For Azealia Banks fans, the last two days on Twitter have been very entertaining. Up-and-coming rapper Angel Haze (only known for appearing briefly on the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle cypha and having a crush on Banks) pulled a “beef” out of her dingy boxer briefs against Banks for no apparent reason. Azealia chose to exercise her freedom of speech to make a general tweet about non-native New Yorkers claiming boroughs as their own. Angel Haze, who is from Springfield, VA (read: nowheresville) took offense and went on a #tweetrampage.

azealiaangel[via Huffington Post]

The one tweet from Banks eventually led to Haze releasing a (literally) rough freestyle from last year, claiming that she wrote it in twenty minutes. Banks responded with a more polished response two hours later entitled “No Problems” which was creatively done, studio recorded, and professional. It was revealed later in the day by producer Diplo that the song was indeed recorded a while ago, further discrediting Haze as both a freestyler and a quality artist. Angel Haze responded with a second track (recording time unknown but possibly 2009) called “Shut The Fuck Up”, in which she psychotically and childishly throws nonsensical insults over yet another poor, unprofessional production. The only thing Azealia and her fans could do was laugh.


After the Angel Haze spat, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (in true homo fashion) decides to join in, citing “I’m just trying to get more famous”. Hilton’s response seemed as if he was joking but Azealia didn’t take it that way, further asserting that grown women should stay out of other grown women’s business. In true Azealia fashion, she responded to his tweets angrily, causing Perez to accuse Azealia of saying that “Rihanna was wack.” Although Riri was not at all involved in the Haze-Banks situation, the fact that Perez decides to pull a story out of his ass says lots about his constantly declining credibility. The spat between Hilton and Banks pinnacled when Banks rightfully called Hilton a “messy faggot” for his meddling ways, causing a Twitter outrage between Azealia fans defending their favorite female rapper.


Most Azealia fans, like myself, sided with Banks, who is also openly bisexual (therefore a member of the LGBT community), but others such as media tranny B. Scott saw it differently. Once the “f-word” heard around the world made its way to B. Scott’s powder room, he/she decided to also provide an unwarranted opinion, seemingly for the same reason as Perez.


After taking the time to take everything in, I was a little upset with all three of them – and not only for coming for one of my favorite artists. This entire situation was used as clever media ploys by them and worked, but not necessarily in their favor. In my usual Twitter response form, I chose to address Angel Haze directly as I was a (slight) fan of her prior to her desperate attempt for social media fame.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Angel Haze, Perez Hilton, and B. Scott are all fledgling in their efforts for fame, while Azealia’s rise has been promising since “212” was released in December 2011. Haze was featured on what’s possibly the worst awards show on the worst possible network, and she feels the need to brag about it? “Wicked Moon” featuring Nicole Wray is the only decent song in Angel Haze’s entire catalog – everything else literally sounds like (and quoting Azealia) “she’s at a Young Money audition”. And let’s not forget that Angel Haze became famous on Twitter by repeatedly tweeting Banks, asking for some top – which will probably (and unfortunately) never happen now. Hilton’s blog has lost both viewers and followers since he’s made unruly rumors about nearly every celebrity he can think of, and let’s not mention the lack of #receipts for his whole “Azealia hates Riri” argument. I’m assuming that since Perez was knocked out for calling will.i.am a “faggot” early last year, he gets a badge to decide who (gay or not) can use the word. Of the three, Hilton’s level of blog integrity has been questionable since he came onto the scene about six years ago. B. Scott, who lost major points with me when she was one of the first to report a false and offensive story about Whitney Houston being murdered (source), is a typical butch queen – full of lies but lacking #receipts. No credible website owner would repost and report such a slandering story on a legend like Whitney – not on my watch. All three of these personalities – not celebrities – suffer from declining interest in their careers. By attacking Banks, who has a long history of being upfront and honest with anyone who doubts her via Twitter, the three felt as if it would garner them some attention. At the end of the day, Azealia Banks has released two completely new bangers in only the first four days of 2013. All of the unwarranted press from broke artists will make Azealia’s ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ album the one to listen to come mid-February. Good luck to the fellas (Haze and B.Scott) and the ladies (Hilton) on fixing their damaged careers.

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