[NEWS] Jessie Ware’s Single ‘110%’ Halted By Big Pun Estate


British breakout sensation Jessie Ware has experienced her first bout of musical heartbreak courtesy of the estate of American rapper Big Pun. At the start of her groundbreaking single “110%”, Big Pun’s perverse (but metaphorically clever) line “carvin’ my initials on your forehead” is chopped and screwed. While the #dirtyverse is taken from Pun’s hit “100%”, there are no other interpolations of the original. In fact, anyone could’ve repeated Pun’s line, had it chopped and screwed, and released it as a song – and no one would’ve ever noticed. I’m not quite sure if it was the song title or the lyric but the sample, which has been out in the United Kingdom for over five months, somehow reached Pun’s estate who immediately forced Ware to remove it prior to its US release later this month. Ware’s justly response to the copyright claim was “fuck Big Pun” (source) as she asserts she only tried to top his efforts (by 10% more apparently). Either way, Jessie’s single has been renamed to “If You’re Never Gonna Move” and is still on track for a January 15, 2013 release via Itunes. Watch the official ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move” video below.

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