[NEWS] Dexter’s Lauren Velez Stars in 2013 ‘They Call Me La Lupe’ Biopic


Legendary Cuban salsa singer La Lupe’s life story is getting the big screen treatment, courtesy of the fabulous Lauren Velez (Captain Maria LaGuerta on ‘Dexter’, Detective Nina Moreno on ‘New York Undercover’). La Lupe, who died in 1992 due to a heart attack, was widely known throughout the Latino community for her signature but risque performances on numerous NYC Broadway shows as well as recording over 50 albums. Lupe’s life covered a variety of musical genres, and was also known for giving soul classics such as “Twist and Shout” and “Fever” their first Spanish version. Lauren Velez, who recently left the Emmy-award winning show ‘Dexter’ after seven seasons, started the ‘They Call Me La Lupe’ film project to fund production for the film.

In the first clip for ‘They Call Me La Lupe’, Velez showcases her acting skills on a much larger scale than she ever could on ‘Dexter’, possibly because she has a natural passion for her immediate community and Lupe’s life story. Velez’s award-winning acting skills are fully showcased in the trailer, and makes me want to learn everything there is to know about La Lupe – like right now. ‘They Call Me La Lupe’, which has an unknown theater release date, was featured by television’s brightest Latino writers and producers, namely James Manos Jr., also from Showtime’s ‘Dexter’. While leaving her ‘Dexter’ roots behind may be somewhat difficult, the cast produced a charitable clip that allowed Velez to reach her independent film fundraising goals.

Watch an original clip of La Lupe’s wild behavior during a 1973 interview below, and look out for ‘They Call Me La Lupe’ in theaters later this year.

[Official Kickstarter Fundraising Page]

[Huffington Post Interview]

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