[VIDEO] Florence Welch x ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ (Mario Winans Cover)


As one of the first to participate in Billboard’s Mashup Mondays cover series, Florence + the Machine took a risky choice by volunteering to sing a R&B hit – especially given her status in the indie world. The Grammy-nominated singer personally chose to cover Mario Winans’s “I Don’t Wanna Know” and gives the somewhat forgotten Bad Boy single a new light. Florence’s dark vocals mesh perfectly with Mario’s arrangement and songwriting. After the cover, she reveals that she is a big fan of R&B, despite not being familiar with any of Winans’s music personally (ha!). After all, she’s close friends with Beyonce’ and Usher, so one-hit-wonders aren’t exactly in her immediate radar. Nevertheless, Mario’s original vocals are blended in towards the end of the cover, giving me the immediate thought that a live duet version of “Know” would be a good look for cross-promoting both artists. Watch Florence’s live cover below.

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