[VIDEO] Quentin Tarantino Gets Angry Over “Too Violent” Criticisms


Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Django Unchained’ has faced down-the-middle opinions from all races alike. While the controversial Western slavery film is meant to give Black males a hero during the slavery era, ‘Django’ has been seen as too violent by nearly all film critics. Tarantino defends his work by asserting that the shock value of such scenes are meant to get people talking about taboo subjects. He’s known for bringing out different sides of American #dinnertabletalk by discussing topics that people are usually scared to delve into, particularly seen in previous films ‘Pulp Fiction’ (cocaine addiction) and ‘Jackie Brown’ (avariciousness). While Tarantino’s films usually have other central themes, the idea of brutal violence is central in all of his works to date. For a while, Quentin ignored his naysayers, but given the touchy subject of slavery, he’s held at a much higher regard in terms of taste levels. ‘Django Unchained’, released in December 2012, featured scenes of violence that were widely viewed as excessive, taking criticisms from Spike Lee to Anderson Cooper (and everyone in between). However, during an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Britain’s Channel 4 news, Quentin began to reach his breaking point. The pushy news reporter wanted an on-the-record answer from Tarantino on his usage of violence in film, and I don’t think he was prepared for his response. Watch the full interview (climaxing at around 4:30 below).

“I’M SHUTTING YOUR BUTT DOWN” exclaims Tarantino in an act of pure annoyance with Guru-Murthy’s line of questioning. You can’t help but wonder how long the outburst had been pent up inside of him, but you also can’t fault him for defending his true art – film-making. Do you think ‘Django Unchained’ was too violent, or do you agree with his contemporary portrayal of slaves’ struggle during the 1800s?

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