[NEWS] Azealia Banks Gets Sales Boost Due To Homophobic Slur


Azealia Banks may have faced her string of critics for using the word “faggot” to describe Perez Hilton’s #messy actions, but she’s definitely not struggling to sell records. The rapper/singer has recently experienced a sales increase of her ‘1991’ EP because of the press coverage. Her EP sales went up by 18% (about 1,000 copies) while her breakthrough single “212” went up 3% (about 3,000 copies). Banks, who is openly bisexual, has every right to use such phrases, particularly because of the understated conception of gays using the word. Her actions towards Hilton was heavily bashed by the media, but it actually brought about a reverse effect to her album sales, proving that sometimes negative press can be turned around into good press. Watch Azealia Banks’s “Van Vogue” video below. (source)

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