[NEWS] Katy Perry Named Men’s Health ‘Hottest Woman Of The Year’ for 2013


Katy Perry continues to receive awards even when she doesn’t have an album out. The latest? Men’s Health ‘Hottest Woman Of The Year’ for 2013. It may seem that a list is a tad early in the year for such an honor, but after judging the competition it’s clear to say that Katy has a #cleansweep in the beauty category. Widely known as the largest men’s magazine in the universe, Men’s Health Magazine readers voted on an array of women and selected Katy amongst a sea of many other beauties which says a lot about her staying power. ‘Teenage Dream’ came out in August 2010, and nearly three years later she’s still being awarded for her reign. Given the article awarding Katy is an equal mix of her #doubledivas and her multi-platinum reign, the accomplishment is still very impressive. Katy’s main competition these days (Beyonce’) placed at #8 with an under-handed picture selection of her fully pregnant and #pregnancyplussized. Review all 100 women selected for Men’s Health ‘Hottest Woman’ List here.

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