[FASHION] ESPN The Magazine x ‘Music 2013’ Issue


ESPN The Magazine’s annual ‘Music’ issue features some of the best athletes in sports today. As a tribute to their favorite artists, each athlete reshot their favorite album covers of all times. The athletes are photographed in the exact outfits that each artist wore, and features very strong similarities to each artist’s album cover. With each cover shot is a behind-the-scenes photoshoot that shows the athlete’s transformation process.

Alex Morgan as Katy Perry’s ‘One of the Boys’


Sport: Soccer – Portland Thorns (youngest player  in 2011 FIFA World Cup)

Full shoot

Trent Richardson, LaMarr Woodley and Marshawn Lynch as Run-DMC’s ‘Ultimate Run-DMC’



Trent Richardson: Football – Cleveland Browns (third overall pick in 2012 NFL Draft)

LaMarr Woodley: Football – Pittsburgh Steelers (second overall pick in 2007 NFL Draft)

Marshawn Lynch: Football – Seattle Seahawks

Full shoot

Allyson Felix as Beyonce’s ‘Dangerously In Love’


Sport: Track and Field (2012 Olympic Gold medal winner)

Full shoot

Ryan Lochte as the baby on Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’


Sport: Swimming (11-time Olympic medalist winner)

Full shoot

Josh Freeman as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’


Sport: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (starting quarterback)

Full shoot

Jimmie Johnson as Bob Dylan’s ‘ The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’


Sport: Racing (NASCAR Gold medalist)

Full shoot

James Stewart as Rick James’ ‘Street Songs’


Sport: Motorcross (first African-American to place first in National Motorcross Association)

Full shoot

MLBers as Devo’s ‘Freedom Of Choice’



Justin Upton: Baseball – Atlanta Braves

Evan Longoria: Baseball – Tampa Bay Rays

Brandon Phillips: Baseball – Cincinnati Reds

Giancarlo Stanton: Baseball – Miami Marlins

Shane Victorino: Baseball – Boston Red Sox

Full shoot

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