[SONG] SZA x ‘Aftermath’

Any song that starts off with the lyric “I apologize for waiting to tell you for so long that I am not human…I am made of bacon” is one truly exceptional songwriter – and not just because I love bacon. R&B artists aren’t exactly my fancy, but SZA’s latest releases have sparked my interest in the lost (but never forgotten) genre. The escapism-influenced track is a weird mix between The Weekend and Brandy with way more vocal presence. “Aftermath” packs a midtempo thump that’s atypical for R&B lately but somehow sounds fresh and unique. Fairly new to the scene, SZA sings the song as if she’s been around for years. I’m talking #seasonedveteran, not just a one-album, one-hit wonder artist. Check out her SoundCloud if you don’t get her greatness, but this R&B starlet is definitely here to stay. Listen and download SZA’s “Aftermath” below.

Download HERE.

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