[VINTAGE] Lily Allen x ‘Not Fair’ x 2007 Chanel Fashion Show

Lily sings for Chanel

Back in 2007, Lily Allen was preparing to release her critically acclaimed second album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’. The Grammy-nominated album was preceded by the hit single “The Fear”, and went on to spawn three additional #1 singles. Allen, who is highly regarded in the high fashion world, has performed at many runway shows worldwide, but never with an audience as huge as Karl Lagerfeld’s 2007 show. Her performance for the official Chanel runway show became one of her biggest international platforms to date, as it was streamed worldwide for a special live showing. Lily’s live vocals are very similar to her studio voice, but this performance amped her up a bit more. Her #karlcustomized outfit is a stunning take on his matching runway looks. The biggest surprise, though, is the soundtrack, as Lagerfeld personally chose the somewhat raunchy “Not Fair” to be the backdrop for his Chanel girls to grace the catwalk to. Hearing Lily’s now classic line “I’m feeling pretty damn well done, but I’ve spent ages giving head” broadcasted throughout the world is a strange nod to her brass British songwriting – and I’m glad for every bit of recognition this great song has received. There’s simply no one who gives #realness like Lily, and there’s definitely no one who knows fashion better than Karl, so the marriage of both forms of art is a win on all fronts. Watch Lily’s performance of “Not Fair” below.

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