[VIDEO] Naomi Campbell Checks Coco Rocha On ‘The Face’


Nigel Barker’s ‘The Face’ may have started off slow, but supermodel Naomi Campbell definitely brings the theatrics to the show. On a recent episode of the fashion reality competition, Campbell and fellow coach Coco Rocha butted heads over a model’s statements in front of the week’s clients. As relentless as Naomi’s personality is, she holds nothing back as she literally lets Coco have it. Naomi’s simply not happy with Coco’s perceived lying in front of the models, and hilariously demands that Coco review her lipstick color choice before coming at her. We may all know Naomi for her infamous #cellphoneincident, but I don’t think Coco was ready for her response. While Coco seemed surprised by Naomi’s outbursts, Karolina Kurkova stayed out of it. Sometimes, sitting around and just being pretty works too. Check out the quotable video below.

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