[VIDEO] Diplo’s ‘Express Yourself’ Featured In New Doritos Commercial


During the summer of 2012, hip-hop producer Diplo released his massive party single “Express Yourself” and rocked the world for months. The dance craze, dubbed #expressyourself on Twitter, caused girls (and guys) worldwide to share their interpretation of the movement through pictures (and at times, video). While bringing twerking to the mainstream may not have been the producer’s intent, shedding light on the New Orleans bounce genre was. “Express Yourself” eventually became a worldwide phenomenon, and spawned three international tour gigs for the relatively unknown DJ. In fact, the song was so good that it propelled the EP release of the same name to number five on TUA’s ‘Best Albums of 2012’ chart. With the mainstreamers finally beginning to catch on, it’s no surprise that the hit single would begin to receive major endorsements. Doritos borrowed the song for their reboot of the chip’s classic Nacho Cheese line. Featuring a valet who discovers a shiny new car, the driver goes mad to Diplo’s beat as he erratically drives through the town, eventually picking up a police officer and a #bananaman. While Diplo is not featured, the clip goes to show just how important indie artists are to the mainstream world as the song has seen a rapid increase in sales since the video’s debut last week. Watch Diplo’s “Express Yourself” Doritos commercial below.

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