[NEWS] ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 20 To Feature Drag Queen


As previously reported, the 20th cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ will feature both male and female models. The dynamic may have shaken up the format of Tyra Banks’ franchise, but luckily #drama is one of her strong points. Reports have began to surface about male contestant Cory, who apparently lives a double life as drag queen extraordinaire Serena Starr. The news hasn’t exactly settled into too many previous reports about Cycle 20, but a look at his casting photo tells the story. Cory’s androgynous picture, which features an abnormally (but perfectly) sculptured chin and jaw line, easily supports the #dragqueen theory. The dynamic is not a first for Tyra’s franchise, as Cycle 11’s Isis King made history as the first transgendered contestant. Cory’s inclusion on Cycle 20 just makes things much more complicated in terms of both competition and judging, which is why I’m hoping he’s a standout model without all the extraness. Check out more pictures of Cory as Serena Starr via his Facebook page, and check out a glimpse at two of the latest shoots from the upcoming season below.

Week 7

Week 8

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