[VIDEO] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 x First Official Trailer


The sixth season of ‘True Blood’ has seen more shake ups than the Vatican schedules. An unexpected exit of show producers, random B-list castings, and a whole new batch of characters have all caused our favorite Louisiana-bred show to delay production months behind schedule. With only ten episodes in the upcoming season, one would begin to think that the show may be in danger of cancellation. All rumors have been debunked, however, with the first official trailer release paired with HBO’s confirmation of this season’s start date. The clip features favorites of ‘True Blood’ in varying forms of trouble due to the incarnation of Billith from the fifth season finale. It seems like everyone’s involved (as usual) in the latest vampire fiasco, but with the creatures now at odds with the United States government, war has officially begun in Bon Temps. Check out the official trailer below and look out for ‘True Blood’ season six to begin on June 15, 2013.

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