[VINTAGE] Chumbawamba x Tubthumphing


Pulling from the 1997 vault of #1 pop/rock tunes, British band Chumbawumba’s first international single “Tubthumping” was a huge crossover hit. The clever mix of rock (“I get knocked down, but I get up again / and you’re never gonna keep me down”) and a lush pop vocal (“we’ll be singing, when we’re winning”) propelled the band’s song straight to number one on three different Billboard charts simultaneously. Chumbawamba were widely known for their libertarian/anarchist approach to songwriting, with most of their songs discussing their rebellious nature towards society. The song reached platinum status in early 1998 and has been featured in several equally angry films (‘Dirty Work’, ‘Joe Somebody’), video games (RockBand), and television shows (‘American Dad’, ‘Will and Grace’). Chumbawamba’s pub-inspired video features each of the beers mentioned in the song’s verses (“she drinks a whiskey drink, she drinks a lager drink”), and made me want to try each one as a kid. Watch and download Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” below.

Download HERE.

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