[SONG] Lil’ Wayne (feat. Trina) x ‘Wowzers’


I can say in all honesty that I’m not really a Lil’ Wayne fan, but my disdain for Trina’s lyrical talents stretch way further – until now. As a standout on Weezy’s latest album ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’, “Wowzers” is without question the best lyrical showing from Trina to date. In the past, Trina resorted to the old #sexsells mantra to win her “fans” over. Songs like “No Panties” and “Da Baddest Bitch” weren’t really taken seriously, possibly because the overall lyrical content wasn’t up to standard. But now, it seems that Trina is coming back strong to reclaim a spot amongst the new breed of femcees. Weezy opens “Wowzers” with two stellar verses filled with every kind of sexual wordplay imaginable, but Trina definitely steals his limelight…on his own album. The song, which was ironically produced by Soulja Boy, is one of the most randomly perfect pairings in hip-hop in a long time. Both artists stay true to what they know best (drugs and sex, respectively) and the end result is a thumping rap track that’s bound to be in strip (and regular) clubs nationwide all summer. Listen and download Weezy and Trina’s “Wowzers” below.

Download HERE.

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