[VIDEO] Jaden Smith x ‘Shakespeare’


Being the progeny of Will Smith comes with its share of perks, but when you have the talent to back it up, it’s a really powerful thing. Jaden Smith joins his little sister Willow by exploring his foray into music with the release of his new video “Shakespeare”. After releasing two mixtapes and appearing on Justin Bieber’s number one single “Never Say Never”, Jaden has been focusing on perfecting his own craft. The “Shakespeare” video features poetic lyrics from Smith as he stands in front of very simple backdrops. Videos that only feature the artist and their words are a favorite format of mine, simply because they force viewers to pay closer attention to the lyrics at hand. “A little too hot to handle, like fingertips on a candle” raps Jaden as the Kid Cudi-inspired beat plays in the background. There aren’t too many verses about his newfound romance with Kardashian relative Kylie Jenner, but I’m sure he’s saving that for another single. I never really was a fan of his Will’s raps, but Jaden proves that he can hold his own irrespective of his father’s “Welcome To Miami” days. Neither Jaden or Willow have official albums releasing in the immediate future, but this video gives hope that both will continue the #smithlegacy soon. Watch Jaden’s “Shakespeare” below.

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