[SONG + VIDEO] Anna Kendrick x ‘Cups’ (Radio Version)


The musical film ‘Pitch Perfect’ has achieved a massive $116 million in sales worldwide over the last ten months, but now there’s even more new music to celebrate. Lead actress from the film Anna Kendrick has been working on a variety of projects – music included. As one of the best scenes from the film is when collegiate a cappella singer Beca Mitchell’s audition for the Barton Bellas included an original song entitled “Cups”. The song was so well-received that it shot to Itunes Top 20 just weeks after the film’s release. While the movie features some of the best unheard talent in ages, it’s Kendrick’s “Cups” which has the most staying power. The song is very indie-influenced and features an arrangement to the beat of cups against a surface. Kendrick sings inspirational words about her ambitions after leaving a situation that has been holding her back for so long. The movie version is only a short, one verser, but the radio version features a full instrumental and more of Kendrick’s original songwriting. As a whole, “Cups” is a good introduction for Kendrick’s potential music assault on the mainstream front. Watch a clip of Anna Kendrick explaining her “Cups” mantra on the David Letterman Show below.

Listen to “Cups” below and download HERE.

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