[NEWS] The Wanted Get Shady On New Single “Walks Like Rihanna”


British band The Wanted are gearing up to release their third album stateside, and name-dropping Rihanna seems to be the best promotional route. Their new single “Walks Like Rihanna” is scheduled for an official release any day now, giving the UK (and over 21) superstars a chance to dominate US radio. While the last single from the band to reach the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 was 2011’s “Glad You Came”, “Rihanna” hopes to match the success of their previous singles. With their upcoming new track, the boys enlist the great Dr. Luke to produce a radio-friendly, fun number that screams for club airplay. But as fun as the sound of their new single is, there’s a bit that can be interpreted another way. The sing-along chorus goes “she can’t sing / she can’t dance / but who cares/ she walks like Rihanna” and definitely has me shaking my head. Not only can the lyrics be taken offensively by Riri, but they also carry a large amount of truth. It’s common knowledge that she’s not the best singer (especially live) and dancing isn’t exactly in her rearview, but we all know that (and some of us may not care). Either way, the lyrics are definitely laughable and shouldn’t be taken seriously. If The Wanted are looking to get a good laugh off of shading Riri, they might be on to something. Listen to a snippet of “Walks Like Rihanna” below (source).

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