[NEWS] FOX Signs On To Produce Film About Diplo

diplo_foxAfter producing two of the biggest songs of summer 2012 (his own “Express Yourself” and Usher’s “Climax”), a major film is now in the works for Grammy-nominated producer Diplo. The craze surrounding EDM, or electronic dance movement, has been on the rise in the industry lately, despite the lack of a proper introduction to mainstreamers. A$AP Rocky’s Skrillex-assisted single “Wild For The Night” was met with mixed reviews, as most hardcore rappers weren’t known to rap over electronic beats of the sort. Azealia Banks’ hit “212” and subsequent ‘Fantasea’ mixtape incorporated even more EDM with her fast, witty flows – a very risky move that’s still hard for some to grasp. Diplo, who has been mixing EDM with hip-hop for nearly ten years, hopes to shed light on his artistry with the film, seen as a mix between ‘Project X’ and ‘8 Mile’. The film will follow three college students #documentarystyle as they attempt to gain access to one of his DJ festivals. As a preview to Diplo’s documentary skills, watch a clip from his 2010 document ‘Favela On Blast’ below. (source)

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