[VIDEO] Fantasia Tributes Caramel Kitten’s ‘Twerkers Gone Wild’ Chronicles

fantasia_caramelkittenFantasia’s album may not have done as well on the Billboard 200 charts, but she’s definitely fond of twerking. Made famous by Caramel Kitten, the ‘Twerkers Gone Wild’ videos have officially made their way to the mainstreamers courtesy of the season three ‘American Idol’ winner. On a late-night promo tour for her fourth full-length set ‘Side Effects Of You’, Fanny took to Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens’ set to share her love for America’s favorite twerker – even wearing a similar dress print. The artist, alongside actor Anthony Mackie, was asked to provide her own rendition of Caramel Kitten’s now-classic phrase “twerkin’ by the (your favorite Wal-Mart item here)’. Fanny belts a cabaret version of #twerkinbythecakes with a level of soul that no twerker alive could pull off. The fact that Caramel Kitten’s infamous twerk video has made it on cable television is a surefire sign that – like Sweet Brown – she’s made it big. Watch Fanny’s tribute to the ‘Twerkers Gone Wild’ Chronicles below.

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