[VIDEO] ‘True Blood’ Season 6 x Eric’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ Preview

With the sixth season of HBO’s best show just a bit over a month away, the ‘True Blood’ preview clips are pouring in daily. In the latest of the teaser series hashtagged as #waitingsucks, HBO gives an update on where Sheriff Eric Northman is during the turmoil in Bon Temps. The Sheriff meets with Willa Burrell, daughter of the previously cast Governor of Louisiana, who shares her father’s hatred for vampires. After learning about a vampire physiological testing facility in Bon Temps, Eric calmly questions Willa to learn of her father’s whereabouts. In the ‘True Blood’ novels, Amelia (who is most likely the TV version of Willa) became a witch who went on to help Sookie find her long-lost cousin Hadley. But also in the books (and very different from the show), Eric is bisexual. It doesn’t seem like season six will stay true to the Charlaine Harris-penned novels which isn’t a huge surprise. Either way, this clip shows that at least Eric is trying to make good of a situation that has gone out of control via Billith’s incarnation. Watch Eric’s ‘Waiting Sucks’ preview below.

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