[NEWS] Yvonne Strahovski Confirmed To Return On ‘Dexter’ The Final Season

dexter_yvonneJust when fans thought the eighth and final season of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ couldn’t get any more exciting, news has resurfaced that has confirmed Yvonne Strahovski’s appearance. Playing horticulturist killer Hannah McKay, the role has caused Dexter Morgan lots of trouble during her introduction on the show’s seventh season. Hannah’s role last ended with the untimely death of crime writer Sal Price and a subsequent poison attempt on Dex’s sister Debra. While visiting her in prison, Dexter is surprised that Hannah’s only form of affection towards him was a playful (but bloody) bite on the lip. At the end of the seventh season, Hannah leaves one of her poisonous plants on Dex’s doorstep. Strahovski’s role originally seemed like one that was terminal in nature after the seventh season, but with the final season just over a month away, there’s plenty of room for Hannah to cause more drama in Miami. It’s pretty safe to say that with her character returning in a multi-episode arc that she’ll either end up on Dexter’s table or will be the cause of his demise. Either way, add Strahovski’s return to the many reasons to be excited about the final season of ‘Dexter’, premiering on June 30 (source).

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