[SONG] Ellie Goulding x ‘Tessellate’ (Alt-J Cover)

Alt-J’s indie hit “Tessellate” is possibly one of the greatest songs written in the last few years, but its subdued cover by fellow Brit Ellie Goulding takes it to even higher heights. The band’s original version is dark with haunting drums, but still subtle enough to fully knock the song’s lyrics into your head. Ellie’s version is more jazz-meets-blues with her electronica influences cleverly sprinkled in over her vocals. About halfway through the cover is a saxophone solo that is most likely a homage to British cabaret culture, a movement that obviously influenced both of their music careers. With the original version released well over a year ago and Ellie’s version just released over the last week, it’s safe to say that the greatness expressed on “Tessellate” is timeless and here to stay for a while. Listen and download Ellie Goulding’s redux of Alt-J’s “Tessellate” below.

Download HERE.

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