[REVIEW] Katy Perry’s July 2013 American ‘Vogue’ Spread

The reigning Queen of Pop Katy Perry continues to break history in terms of pop culture. With her upcoming July 2013 American ‘Vogue’ shoot set to hit stores next week, she will become the first pop artist to grace #thebigthree ‘Vogue’ covers (American, Teen, and Italian) in a year’s time. Her two previous covers spanned her marriage life, but this is Katy’s first outing since her extremely public divorce, which is why her beauty is personified even more in the shoot. Photographed by the great Annie Leibovitz, Katy truly delivers a stunning, high fashion affair. Check out the pictures below:

The country farm life may be the last place I’d ever envision Katy in, but she pulls it off beautifully in this red lace Valentino Haute Couture full-length gown.

In this shot, Katy goes even further into the #farmlife theme, as she’s photographed picking bulbs from the garden. The floral Dolce & Gabbana gown (with real flowers) ties right into her musical artistry, while the Patricia Underwood straw hat fits into #farmlife, and the Denim & Supply nude blouse gives her the #extracoverage we all know she needs.

Finally – a Katy Perry #hautecouture pose! She looks stunning as the sunlight grazes her beautiful skin, wearing a custom-made Michael Kors floral corset top and matching skirt.

Taking the full-body approach, Katy dons a Zac Posen mermaid gown under a Blumarine cream dress as she coyly plays with a piece of hay.

Here, Katy gives the Vogue readers head-on beauty. A black wool sweater along with a red leather skirt and matching belt – all Prada – makes the simplicity of the Repetto ballet flats really shine. You don’t need heels in every shot to be considered a fashion icon, a hat that Katy proves from this shoot to wear well.

Also as part of the shoot, Katy reveals her make-up routine. In this short video, watch as Katy applies her #paint from start to finish, showcasing the true minimalist approach she takes towards beautifying herself.

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