[REVIEW] True Blood 6.02 x The Sun

Bill’s New Form:
Jessica is awakened by Bill’s premonitions about vampires being tortured. He goes off into a trance and meets a (finally) clothed Lillith. She informs him that the vampire/human war has begun. Because of a tyrant’s rising, Lillith says that her work must be finished. Bill questions if he’s god, but Lillith quickly denounces him in saying “there is no god but god.” Jessica, unsure of how to wake Bill up, orders a human for Bill to eat. Bill violently breaks all of her bones and drains her dry – without even biting her. That evening, Jessica says that she’s terrified of Bill’s new status as a #supervamp. She prays to Bill as if he is, indeed, the vampire god, asking for all of her friends to be safe despite the large amount of chaos in the outside world. In Bill’s trance, Lillith tells him that he will immediately know what to do and must always trust what he sees. When he awakens, he reveals to Jessica that he can see the future, which ends with the vampires of Bon Temps burning at the hands of the Governor.

Jason’s Fairy Grandfather:
Warlow breaks through the portal and finally arrives in Bon Temps. Jason discovers that the stranger he had been riding with is his faerie grandfather Niall Macklyn. Niall reveals that he was trsting Jason’s willpower and ability to keep a secret, proving that he failed miserably. He also reveals that Warlow is the oldest and fastest vampire still walking. Jason takes Niall home to Sookie’s, where he goes through the portal that Warlow broke through. Because the gene skipped him, Jason can’t follow him through the portal, but discovers immediately that it’s worse than he could imagine when he returns. As Sookie returns home, she discovers that Niall has been tracking Warlow for years. He reveals that when Sookie and Claude channeled the memory of their parents’ death on the bridge, it drew Warlow out. Niall also discusses that Warlow has been obsessed with the Stackhouse family for years because they are the original faerie bloodline. Thousands of years ago, Warlow massacred Niall’s parents’ village, leaving on him, and showing himself to Niall’s son John many years later. Niall says the only way to stop Warlow is to channel Sookie’s faerie light into a supernova. The advanced and secret ability, however, will cost Sookie the remainder of her faerie powers.

Eric’s Dysfunctional Family:
Pam reveals to Eric and Nora that Tara’s wound from the Governor’s guards wouldn’t heal. When the bullet is removed, it appears to be a silver bullet that emits UV lights. Nora is shocked that humans have finally made advanced weapons to defend themselves, but Eric vows to go to war if they continue to advance their defenses. He demands Nora to read the vampire bible for any clues about Billith. As Nora reads, she discovers that humans led Lillith to the sun. When Pam sees Nora reading, she gives her more attitude than ever before, but quickly discovers that Eric indeed talked to Nora about her, revealing that he loved her very much. Eric goes undercover at the Governor’s mansion. His daughter Willa asks to go out with friends, but Burrell needs her to help them work on the campaign. Dressed up as a representative from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Eric tries to glamour the Governor but it is revealed humans have also developed anti-glamouring contact lenses to protect themselves. They capture Eric and prepare to take him to “the camp” but he flies away. After Willa takes out her contacts that evening, Eric glamours her and invites himself in.

Sookie and Ben:
The morning after the AVL chaos, Arlene calls Sookie to come into to work. On her way to Merlotte’s, she meets a badly injured Ben, a fellow half-faerie who was attacked by a vampire. She brings him back home and nurses him back to good health. Ben is shocked by her kindness and is even more shocked when Sookie’s light awakens him. When he tries to leave, Sookie offers to take him to the faerie club which has been cloaked in the woods. Ben reveals that his life has been filled with trauma and seeks comfort in her good-willed nature. When Ben reads her mind and asks about Bill, Sookie grows weary and runs away from him.

Sam’s Civil Rights:
At Merlotte’s, a group of hipsters arrive from all over the US after seeing the AVL events from last night. Nicole Wright approaches Sam and retells his life story right in front of him She reveals that she is the president of the Vampire Unity Society (VUS) and compares her efforts of philanthropy to her grandparents’ struggle for civil rights in the 1960s. Lafayette, watching the Food Network’s ‘Chopped’, has been watching Emma all day. Alcide, Martha, and Danielle arrive at Sam’s after work and believe that Luna’s actions have put all supernatural creatures in danger. After a fight, Martha takes Emma as Nicole tapes the entire incident.

The foreshadowing for this season has been more intense than ever. If you haven’t picked up that the disconnect between characters is leading to a fight between Billith and Warlow, you need to start ‘True Blood’ right back at season one. Lafayette hasn’t used his powers yet this season, but they haven’t really written a way in which he’ll come into play. Like season two, his story usually builds towards the latter half of the season, which will probably collide right with the vampire/human battle that’s been brewing since the start of this season. I also don’t think that Willa’s capture will help the vampires in their fight, and will probably fuel Governor Burrell to resort to more drastic measures. Finally, the producers are taking a lot of risks this season, first with the vampire-religion connection and now comparing rights of supernaturals to civil rights. While I did enjoy Jurnee Smollett’s introduction as do-gooder Nicole Wright, part of me cringes every time I see the clip of her mentioning the Underground Railroad on ‘True Blood’. Weird, and slightly out of place.


“You think you still get to be Bill Compton?” (Lillith to Bill)
“This is Bon Temps, sugar. Down here, organic means you play the fancy piano at church.” (Arlene to Nicole’s friend)
“I don’t know shit about baby faeries.” (Andy)
“I’ll tell you what you can do, you sanctimonious piece of shit.” (Eric to Governor Burrell)
“Are you Lillith? Are you God?” (Jessica to Bill)

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