[FASHION] ‘Dexter’ The Final Season x Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

With ‘Dexter: The Final Season’ premiering tonight, every major television magazine has featured Michael C. Hall on their covers as a homage to his last run for the show. When it was announced that ‘Dexter’ would be cancelled, my heart broke initially. After giving it much thought, I knew this would be a way for writers to redeem themselves from the lackluster sixth season. Either way, major magazines have reported that Dexter Morgan will indeed die at the end of the show, which has ran for eight years. Also recently named as one of the “Top 100 Shows In The History of Television”, there will never be another drama that will top the greatness that is Showtime’s “Dexter”. Read the full Entertainment Weekly story here and view the photo shoot (styled by Italian Vogue stylist Lori Goldstein) below.
dexter1 dexter2 dexter3 dexter4

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