[SONG] Charli XCX x ‘Stay Away’

Do you remember what I said
The first time we met
Stay away, why couldn’t you stay away?
I never needed anyone
But now that you are gone
Stay away, won’t you just stay away?

Indie breakout star Charli XCX is continuing the #singlestorm that has come from her debut album ‘True Romance’. With her latest single “Stay Away”, Charli pushes her 80s influence even further with the radio-unfriendly number. “Stay Away” is about just that – keeping your distance after a relationship has ended. The single screams hip-hop from the second the instrumental begins, but Charli’s lyrics take the otherwise fun genre to a different element. Charli’s music is somewhat industrial, but keeps a po-esque vibe to all of her songs, making the result easy to digest.It’s within this simplicity that Charli has surpassed many of my other favorites to become one of my favorite artists of the year. As a whole, “Stay Away” molds itself into both a bitter break-up anthem as well as a hip-hop quotable, which is extremely difficult and commendable for an indie pop artist to pull off on their first album. Listen and download Charli XCX’s “Stay Away” below.

Download HERE.

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